sounds, visions and exhibitions

The rock'n'popmuseum is not a place where only devotional objects are presented. At the heart of it is music. The exhibition ties together experience with information, sensory experience and interaction.

The permanent exhibition spans a journey through 100 years of popular music.
The development of sound – from the phonograph cylinder to digital sound art – to hear and feel. 

We are closed until autumn 2018 due to renovation work!
13 years of operation have left their marks visibly and audibly, here the visitors and the museum were in agreement.
The redesign measures address both the technical and spatial aspects, as well as the scientific content of the exhibition.
Also Udo Lindenberg’s comment can be heard here. The best-known Gronauer gives an outlook of the themes with his sneak preview, which the guests can expect at the reopening next year. 

Exhibits wanted!

We are certain that there are still a lot of rock’n’roll treasures hiding in cellars, lofts and drawers. We are looking for exhibits from fans and legendary locations for the new permanent exhibition.


Ready for the big refurbishment!

Our museum is closed from the 13.11 until autumn 2018 due to renovation work. The museum team is well equipped and we will keep you informed about the progress of the building work here!

360-degree view of the Inselpark

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