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Sven Bensmann – Svenomenal

It’s going to be SVENOMENAL! Musician, comedian and entertainer has made a name for himself in the German comedy scene in recent years. In his new program, he once again delights a wide audience with his friendly, charismatic stage presence. In SVENOMENAL, the urban village kid and dino boy Sven, to whom a true Disney princess has been lost, once again provides hearty laughs. And when the punchlines (sometimes spoken, sometimes sung) do occasionally skirt the waistline with a broad grin, they never threaten to fall below it.

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The Queens

Experience the first female Queen tribute show in Germany.
Queen’s music is legendary and has inspired generations of music lovers. With their unique songs and charismatic sound, they have written music history. And now there’s the chance to experience these unforgettable hits live with the ultimate tribute show for all Queen fans!

Organizer: Unforgettable Show UG.
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This year marks the 75th anniversary of our Basic Law and 35 years since the Peaceful Revolution.
The Science Year 2024 – Freedom has set itself the task of exploring the value and meaning of freedom and shedding light on it in various dimensions and contexts. What does freedom sound like in BLACK-RED-GOLD and how can it be illustrated? Come with us through the music landscape in Germany! As a partner of the Year of Science, the University of Münster, together with musicologist Professor Michael Custodis and illustrator Niklas Schwartz, invites you to approach the topic of freedom through music.
Organizer: University of Münster, Research Transfer Office (AFO), Professor Michael Custodis & illustrator Niklas Schwartz.

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Fidget show

A fidget never sits still…just dance along!
The fidget show to the popular children’s songs by Frank & his friends promises lots of fun and movement. On the last Sunday of every month, we team up with Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus eG to offer an exciting family afternoon filled with craft activities, lots of music, dancing and, of course, the lively fidget toy.

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ZEITGEISTY. be part of … Revolution / Disillusion 1968-1978

With zeitgeisty, the audience travels back to the decade 1968-1978 and immerses itself in the feeling of revolution and disillusionment. It is an era that begins with the collective hope of a revolution, but is followed by abrupt disillusionment. This tension is expressed in many ways in the literature and music of this period: from the psychedelic era and the ’68ers, sexual liberation and a new environmental awareness, increasingly progressive music and protests against capitalism and the Vietnam War – to the negative climax of the German Autumn, in which left-wing protests turned into terror. But in the end, the hedonism of the disco movement brought hope. zeitgeisty is a mixture of live music, readings and entertaining storytelling. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the “Regional Culture Program” and the Kunststiftung NRW.
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Music quiz

There’s another quiz evening of a special kind at the Turbine music club. Music fans can put their knowledge to the test in various categories on topics such as rock and pop, charts and dance, bands and dance. There are questions, picture puzzles, sound snippets and much more from the past 50 years of the music industry. The focus here is on fun and a sociable evening. However, there is a small prize for each team at the end and slightly larger prizes for the top three.

Organizer: Duesmann GmbH & Co KG

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Open day

The rock’n’popmuseum is 20 years old and we would like to celebrate with you with an open day! Freut euch auf ein buntes Programm für die ganze Familie, mit dabei sind:
Die Musikacts “Twogether Music”, “Radio Lukas” und “Mel&Friends”, MOMUs Rockmobil- der Proberaum auf Rädern, Programm von den Gronauer Ortsverbänden der Feuerwehr, dem DRK, dem THW und der Polizei, Fotos machen mit Spiderman & Captain America & Türmchen, Herausragende Double von Tina Turner und Elvis Presley, Tributeshows von Tina Turner und Elvis Presley, Mitmachausstellung “PhänomexX”, Bastelprogramm für Kinder, Disco-Hüpfburg, ein breites gastronomisches Angebot, wie z.B. frische Quarkbällchen, Kaffee, Eis, Kuchen, Pommes und vieles mehr. Zudem gibt es einen Ausklang bis 19Uhr im Musikclub Turbine mit Twogether Music!

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